Prevent Water Damage In a Flash

Water can cause significant and serious damage to your home if it gets in the wrong places. Some common areas that water can infiltrate the structural components of your home and create problems, are windows and doors, and decks and porches where they attach to the house. This is often caused by improper flashing at those junctions. Below are a few pictures of a house band board that incurred substantial rot due to a lack of proper flashing on the deck ledger board.

band-board-rotted-3 band-board-rotted-2 band-board-rotted-1

The band board of your house sits on the foundation, connects to the floor joists at that level, and supports the wall framing for that story and the floors above. This particular situation was caused by a lack of proper flashing on the deck ledger board where it attached to the house band board. Fortunately, it was discovered when removing the existing French Doors to replace them with new ones. Unfortunately, it meant the deck had to be removed back to the middle beam, the band board replaced, a new deck ledger installed with proper flashing, and the deck rebuilt from the beam to the house. What could have been a simple door replacement turned into a major, but necessary repair. Below are pictures of the new deck ledger board, with proper flashing, installed to the new house band board.

band-board-proper-1 band-board-proper-2

The Flashing over the deck ledger prevents water from getting behind the ledger and penetrating the house band board and other structural components. If this simple step had been taken when the deck was first built, the issue would’ve never arisen. Be sure to install proper flashing on decks and porches, and around windows and doors to prevent serious damage to the structure of your home.


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