Preparing Your Home to Sell

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Four Ways to Get Your Home Prepped for Sale

You’re quickly outgrowing your current home and it is time to sell. What steps do you need to follow to make sure your home gets under contract quickly? Read on to find out four simple steps you can take to get your home ready for sale.

#1: Get an Agent

Everything starts with a good agent. The most important step is the first one: hire a real estate agent. Trying to sell by-owner poses many risks that you can easily avoid by partnering with a professional who is well-educated in real estate and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Without an agent, you are sailing in uncharted waters.

Your real estate agent will have the ability to post your listing on a regional online database which feeds into all the major home listing sites like Zillow and Trulia. With over 90% of buyers starting their search online, having professional online marketing exposure is key.

#2: Market and Price Appropriately

Now that you have an agent, you will be privy to expert advice about selling your home. For your home to sell, it will need to be marketed properly. To market your home, you will need a plan that will define how you will choose to market your home. Is it “move in ready” or a “great value?”

Do you have a kitchen that is outdated? It may be time to make some cosmetic upgrades. Do you want to take the losses and price your home lower to match its value without the upgrades? That’s fine, but you need to first strategize your marketing plan with your agent so they can properly advertise your listing.

Deciding on how you choose to present your home will also determine its price. If your home is a “diamond in the rough” that needs “elbow grease”, trust your agent to list your home according to the market value of a fixer-upper. On the other hand, if you have a well-maintained home that has all the bells and whistles, you want to show it off and list it for its full value.

#3: Make your Home Camera-Ready

A simple powerwash or fresh paint on the porch can do wonders for how your home looks in photos online. An attractive, clean home that looks great on the outside will invite buyers to come see its interior. Lawn care is also worth investing in as well, especially in the warmer seasons.

Unless you are selling your home as-is, you should give your home’s interior a facelift. Getting fresh paint on the walls and upgrading your floors will make your home look great. Staging services can make your home’s interior look its best in photographs that will be posted online.

#4: Troubleshoot and Listen to Feedback

If your home is having trouble getting under contract even after taking these steps, it is time to go back to the drawing board. Take feedback from former potential buyers from open houses and showings. Find out why they didn’t take the plunge.

Using this information, you and your agent can then determine whether you need to make a price drop or another adjustment to your listing to make it more appealing in the current market.

Get the Best Selling Experience With the Right Agent

When you prepare your home for sale correctly, you should have very little trouble getting it under contract. Having an experienced real estate agent on your side who can advise you on the best price and marketing strategies is key to getting your home sold quickly in a deal that benefits you in the best possible way.

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